5 indispensable devices in a Smart Home

By uniadmin - 18/05/2020

Smart Home is no longer a bizarre concept to global citizens.  We can easily spot an automated lighting system in a friend’s house, intelligent camera surveillance at public places or a watering system which is able to operate without being controlled in neighbor’s.  Nevertheless, as a consumer, you must have been once overwhelmed by the huge wave of information about appliances that a smart home should have. Let’s find out the answer in the article below. 

1. Smart touch switch

Smart touch switches are as important to a smart home as neurons to the brain. They play the role of receiving and transmitting signals from the external environment to the home controller to quickly and efficiently process information suitable for each situation, which is the essence of a smart home. Smart touch switches available on the market can be controlled by smartphone or by voice. 
Smart touch swith: https://lumi.vn/en/Smart-Home-ct-1-40-concave-glass-smart-switch.html

2. Motion sensor and infrared sensor

Motion sensor can be installed at the door, staircase, or any room in your family. This device is in charge of recognizing movements in the tracking area, hence, sending information to the home controller so that lights are turned on/off or doors are open/closed.  

Similar to motion sensors, infrared sensors also operate based on the same principle. However, its duty is to monitor appliances with high capacity such as TV, air-conditioner, water heater instead of common lighting systems. 

Motion sensor, Infrared sensor 

3. Home controller

The secret of every smart home lies in its home controller. It is connected to all devices in the house, helping monitor their operating modes. With this HC, homeowners can “bring their houses in their pockets” everywhere, turn on/off, open/close appliances at their request whether being at the workplace or going abroad.  
Home Controller: https://lumi.vn/en/Smart-Home-ct-1-5-home-center-controller.html

4. Home security system

Security system of a smart home includes cameras recording images and smart locks preventing illegal invasion. 

Besides keeping track of internal and external space of the house, smart security system also allows users to set up timer and trigger the protection function of the house.  Along with saving the history of any movement, this system can be integrated with other devices to create an anti-theft comprehensive scenario. 

Smart locks are controlled remotely and able to identify different faces/voices.Homeowners can let their guests in or refuse to open the door in case of anything unusual. All that is needed to do is check notifications on smartphones.  
Home security: https://lumi.vn/en/Security-System.html

5. Multi-zone audio

A living space, along with convenience, also requires relaxing moments. Smart homes once again can create a romantic night, a party atmosphere or even an evening with classical music to chill with multi-zone audio. Một không gian sống hạnh phúc bên cạnh những tiện nghi, còn cần cả những giây phút thư giãn. You say – House sings. 

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