The inventor of the first touch swith with concave glass screen: “Carefulness in the simplest things will lead to the best product.”

By uniadmin - 29/04/2020

Being the leader in the domestic market, owning the most comprehensive smart home ecosystem, what is the reason why Lumi Smart Home still worries about its product – a switch – an indispensable part of modern life?


In the world, many companies have become excellent at building famous brand names for their seemingly normal, trivial products such as 3M glue, Gillette razor … In Vietnam, an electric switch which may be simple but it is believed that with the combination of a good idea and serious dedication in the production and research team, they will be a great recipe for an inspiring brand story.

The continuous pressure to complete touch switches during a decade comes from the company itself

For the founders of Lumi Smart House, the first platform product is the touch switch. Unlike traditional switches, smart touch switches use capacitive touch and built-in zigbee wireless connection, helping homeowners control electrical appliances remotely and create context via voice.

During 9 years of persistence in bringing smart homes into the lives of Vietnamese families, although Lumi has launched many different product lines to develop its ecosystem, Lumi has never ceased to find the answer to the question: How to make smart touch switches better and better, the product that puts Lumi’s name on the map?

One of the reasons why customers choose Lumi smart switches is its beauty. Despite major competitors from Europe or China with various designs, Lumi smart switch has remained the most reliable brand in the heart of users for nearly a decade.

But only beauty is not enough. “Quality” is another key factor in the success of Lumi smart switches for many years. The company never ceased to develop our products so that they can provide users the best experience for every touch. 

115 test versions, changing 33 processing partners to produce a complete version of touch switch 2020

“When users get used to the touch switch with glass screen, we are planning to introduce the new version. The idea of a concave glass screen touch switch was born when customers shared: “Installing Lumi switches is like putting an Iphone on the wall. Nice  luxurious-looking! ”. So why don’t we turn the switch circle button into the legendary home button of Iphone? ”

Behind the beauty and perfection is the rigor of the research and production team. Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – CEO of Lumi Joint Stock Company shared:

“This is the first smart switch for concave glass screens in Vietnam, but for Lumi, it is the 116th version. During the research process, Lumi tried 115 versions with 33 outsourcing partners to achieve the most perfect product so that it can provide users the best experience from every touch. Even the blind can easily turn on / off by touching switch button”

The results come from carefulness in every detail

Concave glass screen with bullnose edge

The technology of processing the concave glass surface is an extremely difficult technique, requiring meticulousness, precision and the application of new technology to create a glass surface with smooth curves and exquisite elegance. In Vietnam, there is no processing company that can execute this technique.

In addition to providing aesthetic value, the concave touch button optimizes the sensitivity of the switch when the distance from the finger touch point to the touch plate has been minimized.

Anode borders 

Processed by anode technology, the aluminum border is covered with a thin layer of oxidation that provides extremely high strength and the hardness is nearly similar to that of diamond. Anode technology also allows manufacturers to choose different colors. However, the color pattern depends on the processing time in the chemical solution, as only a small difference in second can lead to the difference in color. 

The careful calculation of every second to bring the right color versions to suit consumers’ tastes is one of the factors that guarantees the attraction of Lumi’s concave glass switches. Currently, Lumi introduces this product line with 2 colors of Gold and Champagne.

Constantly asserting the position of the leader

Not only being the pioneer in the research of smart switch in Vietnam, Lumi has made conquered some outstanding achievements:

– In May 2019, Lumi was the first Vietnamese Smart Home company to officially get the “Work with Google Assistant” certification, allowing users to control home appliances by voice with the help of Google Assistant. .

– In November 2019, Lumi continued to announce that it was the first Vietnamese smart home company to successfully integrate with the Apple ecosystem. Users can use the Home application in iPhone, Apple Watch, Siri virtual assistant … to control their home.

– Lumi Vietnam is also the first Vietnamese smart home brand to export to 8 countries in the world such as Australia, India, Israel, Brazil, Lebanon, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos …

Taking quality and research capacity as thê comparative advantages, Lumi affirms this is the most solid way to stand at the forefront. In March 2019, despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam’s first touch switch with concave glass screen was introduced to the market as a confirmation: Vietnamese businesses will stand still with self-reliance on research and production.

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