Integrating the Works with Lumi Life smart motors for curtains, Lumi Smart House affirms the IOT capacity in Vietnam

By uniadmin - 20/08/2020
Control curtains by Smartphone

Along with the continuous development of technology, a modern house is not only shown in new television and air conditioners, but even the simplest devices such as curtains become outstandingly intelligent. On July 17, 2020, Lumi officially launched the Smart Curtain Engine Works With Lumi Life, which promises to breathe a new life into the current curtain market.

1. Combination with 2 smart controls to improve user experience

The demand for curtains of modern homeowners is becoming more and more strict. Not only focusing on the aesthetics as before, the owner is also interested in the function of the curtain such as: sun protection, UV protection, fine dust filter … Moreover, there are intelligent features that control the large and heavy curtains. instead of traditional hand pulling. The idea Automatic curtain engine has satisfied the experience of demanding homeowners until the intelligent curtain engine Works With Lumi Life came into being and optimized the user experience through high technology.
Control curtains by Smartphone

We are no strangers to using a remote to control automatic curtains. With the Works With Lumi Life smart curtain motor, however, the conventional remote isn’t the only remote control vehicle any more. Instead, modern home owners can use their own smartphones to perform more functions than just closing / opening the curtains.

– Touch your smartphone to open / close the curtains whether at home or at work

– Timer close / open the curtain by operating in the app Lumi Life

– Install a curtain integration with light sensor to adjust the curtain according to the brightness in the room

Voice Control feature

Voice Control is also another scoring feature introduced by Lumi in this new product. Voice control via the virtual assistant Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is one of the strengths of the Lumi Smart Home system. This feature is fully transferred into the new product Smart Curtain Engine. For example, when the mother is lulling the baby to sleep, just call up the virtual assistant to close the curtains to make the light in the room darker, helping the baby to sleep deeply and soundly.

2. Stable connection and accurate display of curtain status on the app

The Lumi Life curtain motor works stably with a maximum load weight of 50kg, traction force of 1.2N and uses Zigbee wireless connection to connect to the control device. With this connection protocol, any change of status of the curtain whether controlled by the Lumi Life app or the user pulls the curtain manually will be accurately updated to the status on the Lumi Life app.

Zigbee wave not only ensures the transmission speed is more stable than WIFI, consumes less energy, but also allows the user to control the motor even when the house accidentally loses the Internet connection. This is the feature that makes the Zigbee standard so popular and trusted instead of Wifi in connecting and controlling smart devices in the home.

With more than 8 years of experience in researching and applying Zigbee in smart home connection, and testing and comparing with Wifi-operated motors, Zigbee communication is still selected by Lumi to increase the experience. of users with smart curtain motor products.


3. Easy installation and lower costs

Usually, when you want to use the motor to control the curtain, the homeowner will need to add a control switch on the wall. This will make installation difficult in case the base infrastructure is not ready, requiring handling. In addition, each switch will only be able to adjust one set of fixed curtains, which is really inconvenient for homes using multiple curtains. All these shortcomings are completely overcome in Lumi’s Smart Curtain Motor product.

Động cơ rèm thông minh lắp đặt nhanh
With the IOT core programmed and installed integrated in the motor itself, the control switch becomes completely unnecessary, helping homeowners save a portion of the capital costs required for smart switches.

Additionally, since handling of the recessed base is eliminated, the curtain motor becomes extremely easy to install. Even a girl can complete a smart curtain engine in just … 15 minutes.


4. Ready to be integrated into the system of Lumi Smart Home

Smart curtain engine is a product aimed at optimizing Lumi’s available Smart Curtain solution, but with improvements that bring practical benefits and more “economy” for users.

Smart curtain motors include a gateway to expand the Smart Home ecosystem, ready to offer owners a more comprehensive experience with Lumi’s solution suite.

– Smart lighting solution

– Smart solution for air conditioner, television, …

– Smart solution for hot and cold bottles

– Multi-region audio solution

– Solution for controlling environmental parameters

Comprehensive security solution …

The smart curtain motor is the opening product for Lumi’s 2020 product strategy, targeting products with high perfection, streamlining installation operations and helping users enjoy a smart lifestyle at a reasonable price.

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