Experience of people of all ages with multi-room audio

By Linh Thục - 09/08/2022

Lumi’s new generation of multi-room audio focuses on a personalized experience with simple operation, diverse connectivity, and control, to meet the needs of customers of all audiences and ages, along with outstanding improvements in sound quality. So, what are the best ways to enjoy multi-room audio at different stages of life? Is there anything unique about this one in particular?

Multi-audio V3.0 – Enjoy top-notch music at home

With Lumi’s new multi-room audio system, you can listen to the same song simultaneously in all of your home’s rooms, even out in the garden. To ensure that the audio signal is routed through the best possible hotspots, a Hi-Res Audio standard high-quality audio decoder is integrated into the system.

More information about Multi-room audio V3.0 is provided here.


At every age, multi-room audio provides a different experience

Convenience, sound quality and personalization geared towards different musical experiences at all ages are the benefits that attract users of the multi-room audio V3.0 from Lumi compared to conventional other audio solutions.

Children are woken and put to sleep by the timer feature every day

The timer feature on Lumi’s new generation multi-room audio helps parents wake up or put their children to sleep every day with soothing, calming melodies thanks to the device’s new generation multi-room audio technology. A music or lifestyle app. In addition to aiding children’s physical and mental well-being, establishing a regular rest period allows them to cultivate healthy lifestyle choices as they grow. Even if parents are away from home, they can still use their smartphones to set a timer or play music for their children.

A piece of music your baby enjoys with just the right volume playing in her room at exactly 7 a.m. will gently help her awaken with the most refreshing spirit instead of alarm bells. When it’s time to go to bed each night, a soothing melody will gently lull the baby to sleep.

The Multi-room Audio System not only soothes your child to sleep with soothing melodies, but you can also play along with your child using the voice control feature. With Google Assistant, Alexa, or Maika, kids can ask to hear any song they like.

Young singles enjoy lively entertainment scenarios

Single young adults, especially those who enjoy technology, can’t get enough of gaming, listening to music, and having a good time when they’re at home alone. Home entertainment with friends will be even more lively and authentic with the addition of multi-room audio V3.0. There are numerous online music stores like Spotify and Tidal that allow homeowners to freely express their personal preferences for music genres.

A party’s energy is fueled by a mix of upbeat music. and a variety of hues. As soon as you press “party mode” on your phone, all of the room’s 16 million color LED lights dim to “party mode”, and music begins to play.

Anyone who meets the owner while they are “served” by smart technology will leave with a lasting impression of how exciting and fashionable single life can be today.

Little families are closer with weekend parties

As a result of the Covid epidemic, families are less likely to take advantage of the weekends to go on picnics and travel. Rather than going out, families now prefer to stay at home and enjoy each other’s company. Home movies, live music performances and intimate gatherings can all help strengthen the bonds between members of one’s family.

Multi-room audio with the ability to play one song at a time in-home parties helps to spread the vibrant atmosphere to every corner of the house and the outside of the house. Everyone in the family can enjoy listening to a favorite song and spending time together, even if one person is cooking, another is grilling, or the kids are playing in the living room.

Elderly people maintain their health with music

Simply by using a smartphone, the elderly can turn on/off, schedule to play their favorite music or exercise context, and turn it on/off in just three seconds.

Users over the age of 50 can use multi-room audio with a variety of music sources, including USB and online music, to enhance their health-promoting activities.

Every morning, exercising with seniors is more fun and effective thanks to a single button that can activate everything from lighting the room to playing their favorite music.

Are you a member of a particular user generation? Which multi-room audio experience will add more color and convenience to your life?

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