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Multi-room Audio System

Multi-room audio is an audio system with multiple speakers that can play different music in different locations in the house. In Lumi smart home, homeowners can use their smartphone or voice to play their favorite song on any floor, making the house filled with great rhythms and help you relax after a long, tiring day

Control remotely via smartphone

Acting as a “sound assistant” for the homeowner, the multi-zone audio solution helps you have the most relaxing moment with music:
– Touch lightly on the Smartphone to activate your playlists in all rooms
– Choose any songs from the Playlist on the phone
– Play music in separate areas

Điều khiển từ xa qua smartphone

Command to play music by voice

Lumi smart home ecosystem has successfully integrated virtual assistants that can hear – understand commands, which improves users experience. Homeowners can explore the power of their voice by ordering Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple’s Siri to play music in a specific area of the house and enjoy this wonderful gadget

Having convenient living scenarios

The multi-zone audio system can connect to other devices in smart homes to create diverse living scenarios. In particular, the combination of multi-region sound with the LED system of 16 million colors creates a “light mixing” party space suitable for parties

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Various connecting options with TVs and speaker systems

Lumi’s multi-room audio module is always ready to connect to most speaker systems and does not require a high operating system of the device platform. Smart TVs, handheld speakers, and in-room soundbar systems may all be linked together to form an easily controllable synchronized audio network.

3 seconds to start music from Lumi Music, Lumi Life+

In addition to the well-known Lumi Life+ app, Lumi multi-room audio now has its own app, Lumi Music. The app’s design is easy to use, allowing users to quickly select, start, or schedule their favorite music to play around their home.

Products set for Multi-room audio system

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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