Works with Lumi Life

Not only do users enjoy the Smart Home ecosystem to the fullest but they can also easily expand the utility and optimize the living experience with partners Works With Lumi Life

What is “Works with Lumi Life”?

Works with Lumi Life is an extension set integrated into Lumi Smart Home solution. “Works With Lumi Life” technology products such as Apple Home, Google Assistant, Alexa, Hikvision Smart Camera, Yale lock, etc can be synchronously controlled with Lumi’s devices on Lumi Life app

The first Vietnamese brand to successfully integrate with Google Assistant

Lumi Smart Home passes the stringent testing standards of Google, allowing users to control their homes through the Google Assistant

The first Vietnamese brand to successfully integrate with Alexa

Successfully integrating with Alexa in 2018, Lumi officially became a pioneer in Smart Home market in Vietnam

Integrate with Hikvision AI Camera

Exclusively integrating with 2 smart camera codes of Hikvision – the No. 1 Security Camera brand in the world, Lumi Smart Home provides customers with a comprehensive security solution for your houses. Besides, the data management system on the server located in Vietnam will increase the privacy of customers

Integrate with 70+ air-conditioner brands

More than 70 air conditioner brands (Toshiba, Daikin, LG, Sharp …) can be integrated into the Lumi Smart Home ecosystem thanks to the “learning” ability of smart devices. , which allows you to control all indoor air conditioners on one Smartphone

Integrate with Daikin VRV

Lumi Daikin module allows you to control Daikin VRV central air conditioner with Smartphone. In particular, you can identify whether the air conditioner is on or off via the Lumi Life app

Integrate with famous audio speaker brands

Lumi Smart Home opens a gateway to the world’s leading audio brands such as JBL, BOSE, and BOSCH, allowing the control of the sound system with a smartphone or by voice, therefore bringing a more lively space to your home

Integrate with automatic curtain

Using the automatic curtain motor allows you to open/close curtains with a Smartphone or by voice, set up a timer based on the daily routine of the family. Some commonly used curtain motors include AOK, Forest, Somfy, Dooyal, Novo, etc…

Integrate with automatic door/ gate

In addition to opening / closing the gate with a Smartphone, when integrated into Lumi Life, the home will be enhanced with a second password layer, providing comprehensive protection for your home

Integrate with Yale smart lock

The reputable Yale lock brand cooperates with Lumi to become a guardian for your family. Integrated into the Lumi Smart Home, the Smart Yale lock will allow you to open / lock the door with the Lumi Life app on Smartphone, and send an alert to the phone if the door is opened at curfew time