Smart Curtain Controlling System

You can open/ close the curtain system at will according to your daily routine or living habits to make best use of natural light from outside. Beside using timer setting function to open/close the curtain at specific time, you can control your curtain system anytime and anywhere via smartphone or by voice

Control the curtain by mobile phone

Anywhere you are, you can control and supervise all curtains in your house by mobilephone connected internet

Voice Control Curtain

“Open the curtain” Curtain is automatically opened to get the light and welcome a beautiful day. When you are busy you only need to command the curtain will obey your order

Schedule of opening/ closing curtain

All the curtains in your house will open at dawn or close at noon automatically. You can set up the schedule for the curtain on mobile phone

Integrate with other solutions

When you install smart automatically curtain solution with other solutions from Lumi, you can easily set up your rules to make you more comfortable at home. Examble: You will have a scene named: “Go to sleep”, all the curtains will be closed, all the light will be turn off, the lamp light will dim, AC will open with comfort mode

Products set for Smart Curtain Controlling System

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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