Smart Water Heater Controlling

The water heater automatically turns on/off at time schedule. Besides, you can touch on smartphone at anywhere, the solution brings you a convenient home

Turn on/ off the hot water heater by smartphone

Now you can easily turn-on, turn-off the water heater by your smartphone, while you are at work, or when you are on the way home


Turn on/ off the water heater by your voice

Integrated with the virtual assistants Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri, the voice control function of Lumi’s products will be extremely useful when you are cooking in the first floor but still want to turn on the water heater on the second floor.ư by saying “Hey Siri! Turn on the water heater”

Set the time to turn on/ off the water heater

If your family has a fixed routine, you can use the timer feature to always have warm water whenever needed and save energy. For example, if your family has a habit of showering in the morning at 6:15, you can set the heater on at 5:45 am each morning and it automatically turns off at 6:45 am

Having convenient living scenarios

Like other solutions in Lumi smart home ecosystem, the water heater can work simultaneously with other smart devices to create a convenient living scenario for families. For example, just activate the “Go Home” scenario, with the garden irrigation system activated, the curtains open, and the air conditioner turned on, the water heater is on

Products set for Smart Water Heater Controlling

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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