Smart Lighting System

Enjoy your comfortable life with smart lighting system. You can turn on/ off the lights via smartphone with internet connection. The lights in corridor, staircase… will be turned on automatically with the help of motion sensor when it detects motion in area sensor

Control remotely via Smartphone

It’s no need to reach to a switch to turn on/off the light as you can easily control the indoor lighting system from anywhere through your phone:
– Despite being in the bedroom, you still can turn on the lights in the yard, corridor, terrace
– Going away on a business trip or holiday, it is still possible to monitor

Câu lệnh bật đèn phòng khách với siri bằng tiếng Anh

Voice Controlling Solution

It’s easier now to turn on / off lights by voice without having to open the Lumi Life app on the phone. Currently Lumi has successfully integrated 3 virtual assistants Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa into our ecosystem. If you want to activate the light, just tell say:
“Hey Siri! Turn on living room light ”
“Ok Google! Turn on corridor light ”

Automatically turn on the lights when any movement is noticed

Ceiling/wall-attached motion sensor, stair switches with integrated sensors in areas such as bathrooms, balconies, corridors, and stairs will make the lights turn on when people move in the tracking area and vice versa. This is a feature that brings about comfort and safety, especially for the elderly and children when going round the house in the evening

Timer for lighting system

Lighting timer function brings convenience to homeowners in areas requiring light in a fixed period of time in a day:
– Set up garden decoration lights to automatically turn on at 17:00 and turn off at 5:00 am
– Advertising signs automatically turn off the lights after 23:00

Intergrate with other life scenes

Ligting devices can easily connect to each other or other electronic device, help you set up scenes:
— “Go to sleep” – Automatically turn-off all light, except bed light
— “Guest mode” – Turn on all light in living room, open curtains
— “Go to work” – All light system will be turn-off

Products set for Smart Lighting System

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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