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Smart Lighting System

Lumi’s smart lighting solution allows you to control, turn on/off, schedule, and set up scenarios with your home’s smart lighting system via smartphone. The smart lighting system does not require the installation of smart bulbs, helping you save on installation and maintenance costs.

Control remotely via Smartphone

No need to switching on/off, you can easily control the smart lighting system in your home from anywhere using your smartphone:

  • From the bedroom, you can turn the lights on in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, outdoor, corridor, terrace, etc
  • When traveling or working abroad, you can still monitor and adjust the lights in your home
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Voice Controlling Solution

Easily turn on/off the smart lighting system by voice without having to open the Lumi Life+ app on your phone. Lumi has integrated virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant, Alexa and Maika, into its ecosystem. You can simply say a command to the virtual assistants to turn on/off the lights:

  • “Ok Google! Turn on the corridor light”
  • “Alexa! Turn on the kitchen light”

Automatically turn on the lights when any movement is noticed

The motion sensor mounted on the ceiling/wall, the integrated stair switch in areas such as the bathroom, stairs, etc. will automatically turn on the lights when there is movement in the sensing area, ensuring safety for the elderly and children when moving at night.

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Timer for lighting system

Make life more convenient using the scheduling feature:

  • Set up garden decorative lights to automatically turn on at 5pm and turn off at 5am
  • Advertising signs automatically turn off the lights after 11pm

Intergrate with other life scenes

Remote-controlled smart lighting devices can be connected to other electrical devices, allowing you to easily set up a variety of automated scenarios, such as:

  • “Going to bed” – Automatically turn off all bright lights, only turn on the night light
  • “Receiving guests” – Turn on the entire living room lighting system such as chandeliers, downlights, picture lights, etc.
  • “Going to work” – All lights in the house will turn off
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Products set for Smart Lighting System

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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