Part 6: How do devices in wireless smart homes connect to each other?

By uniadmin - 06/07/2020

In the previous articles, you know that currently, wireless Smart Homes are favored by many customers thanks to its outstanding utilities. It is the Zigbee communication network that helps owners control appliances such as air-conditioners, TVs, water heaters, etc by Smartphone or by voice. So what is Zigbee and its role in a Smart Home? Let’s find out in the following article.  

1.  What is a wireless Smart Home using Zigbee network?

You may not know, Smart Home is divided into 2 groups: wired home and wireless home. While a wired smart home requires you to change your existing electrical infrastructure, a wireless smart home allows you to easily install the solutions into your as-in house without changing anything. All smart home devices will interact with each other through a specific language called Zigbee network.  

2. What are the advantages of Zigbee? 

– Easy installation, no change to the existing infrastructure

– Ability to control devices from anywhere as long as the Internet connection is available 

– Low energy consumption and ability to connect tup to 65.000 devices

– High security and privacy

Lumi applies the Zigbee network in all our solutions. This feature proves to be useful in security. Every point in the network is able to connect to one another so that in case of disruption in one link, the communication among devices is still stable as it chooses another link to send signals.. 

3. In the Lumi system, how many devices can 1 Home Controller connect? How many HC is needed for a three-storey house? 

With Lumi Home Controller, owners can connect up to 100 devices inside the house. Moreover, due to the specificity of using the network, the more devices the house has, the wider the coverage will be since each device will act as a signal receiver and transmitter to facilitate the signal transmitting process. 

In fact, in a multi-storey home, the landlord should consider using more than one central controller to connect faster and smoother. In actual construction, Lumi recommends that customers let the actual installation radius of about 2 floors.

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