5 advantages of a smart home

By uniadmin - 06/04/2020

Smart homes are thriving rigorously in Vietnam and worldwide. So what are the advantages of this new trend that make people crazy about? 


Today, when IoT technology is on the rise, smart homes are not too strange with householders in Vietnam. As a pioneer in the Smart Home field, solutions of Lumi smart home have been and are being developed constantly to meet the demands of customers.


Advantages of smart home


1. Comfort

Smart Home is equipped with electronic devices capable of interacting with people. Reaching each switch position to turn on the light or finding the remote control to open the curtain is no more as devices can operate automatically on their owner’s requests. With the latest research, your voice can also play a role in commanding devices to function. 


2. Save more

Smart home gadgets not only provide a better experience but they also save energy thanks to the timer feature when the host can turn on / off electrical appliances anywhere, which is helpful in reducing monthly electricity bills. Your air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature based on the weather information, or automatically turns off when you leave the house. The heater operates on / off based on the preset timer. 


3. Safer

Safety is indispensable in any house, let alone smart home. 24/7 security system will give you peace of mind even when you are not at home. Smart home devices will alert your phone immediately in case of unwanted intrusion. Moreover, the system automatically records images of the incident in case you activate security mode. 


4. Better control

You can completely control the house when you are outside. Whether which devices are on or off, the curtains are closed or opened; just one touch on the phone and you will know all the information. For example: When you’re on your way to work, you only need to clik on your phone to activate “away” mode, all devices will turn off and activate security mode. Conveniently, right?


5. More level

What is better than a house that surprises the guests who come to visit?

When guests step into the house, the curtains automatically open, the lights in the living room automatically turn up, and the radio plays favorite tunes. Moreover, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. It’s your level, the difference and the comfort that is specific to your home.


Smart home appliances

It seems that the smart home solution’s advantages will need a lot of complicated equipment to meet, but with Lumi the devices are designed to be streamlined, luxurious but still exude a polite and classy look.


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