5 advantages of smart home

By uniadmin - 12/04/2018

Smart home is a home that can interact and understand the wishes of the host

Today, when the IOT technology to the throne, the smart home is no stranger to the house in Vietnam. Pioneering in the field of Smart Home, smart home solutions Lumi has been developing more utility to meet the needs of homeowners.

Image installation installation solution Lumi smart home

Advantages of smart home

1. More comfortable

Smart Home is a home that is equipped with electrical and electronic equipment capable of interacting with people. When homeowners will no longer have to switch positions to turn the lights on or find control to open the curtains again, the device will operate completely automatically according to the wishes of the owner. Smart technology can help homeowners save time on everyday chores, comfortable living is sure to be the smart home appliance. With your latest research, your powerful voice can also command devices to operate. You do not even need to use the Smart Phone to control the device.

Lumi is very easy to use

2. Save more

Smart home utilities offer a better experience not only in the timer, but also in the timer feature of the device or homeowner can turn on / off electrical equipment anywhere, which is very helpful in cutting down. Monthly electricity bills bill. Your air conditioner can now automatically adjust the weather according to the weather, or automatically turn off when you leave the house. Hot water heater on / off according to the mechanism automatically turn on the timer set. Although these features save energy is not much, but over time accumulation will certainly make you more satisfied

3. Safer

Safety is indispensable in smart homes. 24/7 security system will give you absolute peace of mind even if you are not at home. Smart home appliances will alert your phone immediately if there are unwanted intrusions. In addition, the system automatically records images and alerts when motion is detected in case you activate security mode. With Lumi’s smart home, you can travel for days and enjoy without worrying about your home.

4. Better control

That is the indispensable feature of Smart Home, you can completely control the house when you are outside. Which devices are turned on, which devices are off, closed or open curtain; Just one operation is that the devices will work under the script. Example: When you are on your way to the company, you only need one touch on the phone to activate the “off” mode, all the devices will turn off and activate the security mode. Conveniently, right?

5. more level

What better than a home makes the visitors come to surprise.

High-grade gold-plated Lumi

When guests step into the house, curtain automatically open, lights decorate the living room automatically bright, melodious music to play the favorite melody. Moreover, automatic air conditioning adjusts the temperature accordingly. Gold-plated gold-plated switches, reflective glass reflect the sparkle, sparkling. It’s your level, the difference and the comfort of your home.

Smart home appliances

Think about the advantages of smart home solutions will need a lot of sophisticated equipment can meet, but with Lumi equipment is designed neat, elegant but still looks polite, class.
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