Guide to the smart light control system

By Linh Thục - 27/11/2020
Smart lighting control

Table of Content

  • Introduction to lighting design
  • Let’s talk about the benefits of lighting design
  • The smart lighting control system
  • Things to know before you design your lighting system
  • 10 smart lighting design idea

Introduction to lighting design

Smart lighting for homes can achieve great results if designed with care. For powerful lighting, you need to know which light should be used in which space. You must carefully select colors, brightness for your lights based on the room, and its interior design. For all this, you need proper planning. Once you execute your plan perfectly, you shall have an elegantly lit space perfectly co-ordinated with your interior. This is how you can transform a dull space into a bright and colorful space.

Smart lighting control

Let’s talk about the benefits of lighting design

Lighting affects us in many ways. Studies have shown that productivity and overall mood can be positively or negatively affected by lighting. So, it is a great idea to design the lighting system of your home in a way so that affects people positively. The beauty and luxuriousness of a property can increase because of a well-designed lighting system. Lighting design can reflect your personality. So, you should carefully design the lighting of your home. An elegantly designed lighting can amaze your visitors and uplift their mood.

smart lighting control

The smart lighting control system

Another benefit of well-designed smart lighting for homes is that they can be easily connected with a home control system. Once they are connected and part of the home automation, they become a smart lighting system. You can easily control the lighting of your home through an app or control panel. You can create different lighting scenes for different occasions. A smart lighting system can also benefit you by saving energy. Installing a smart lighting system requires technical expertise if you are not sure what kind of control system is good for you.

smart lighting control

Things to know before you design your lighting system

A creative mind can take you far. You should let your imaginations guide you towards creating the most suitable lighting design for your home. However, you should have some prior experience and knowledge about the different lighting options available. If you have absolutely no idea about different lighting designs, then our advice is that you should hire a professional lighting designer.

10 Lighting design ideas

1. Mix different lights: Combining different types of lighting options, like table lamps, floor lamps, and pot lights can create perfectly balanced lighting for your living room. You can add accent lights into this mix to illuminate artworks of the space.

2. Ceiling accent: If you have a colorful or gorgeous ceiling, use ceiling accent lights to highlight it. You can play with different colors of lights and find the best color that makes your ceiling appear more elegant.

3. Remember to create proper balance: You can use light fixtures on both sides of your furniture. It will give both sides equally distributed light. So, the lighting will be balanced.

4. Light fixtures for the living room: There are generally three types of lighting used in living rooms. And they are accent, ambient, and task. Accent lights are used to highlight a particular object in a room and attract people to it. Ambient lights keep the room brighter and task lighting is normally used for the reading or work zone.

5. Use multiple lights for a spacious room: If your room is big then having just one light hanging from the ceiling is not a good idea. In that case, you need to use several lights covering other areas of your room and achieve the perfect balance. You can use a grid to hang multiple fixtures.

6. Lighting design for small space: If your room is small, you should use the theme of spreading lights around. You can use tall lamps with small shades. This can make the room appear bigger than it is. You could also use wall lights focusing on corners.

7. Two in one: You can use both pot lights and a hanging fixture in the center of the seating area of your living room. This can enhance the elegance of the room.

8. Lighting for counters: While designing lighting for your kitchen counters, you should mount lights towards the front of your kitchen cabinets. This will ensure that the whole kitchen cabinet is fully illuminated.

9. Accent light: You can decorate shelves, large picture,s or painting frames with accent lights. It gives focus to specific objectives.

10. Indirect LED light: If you want to attract people, you can use LED light indirectly. Attach these lights to the ceiling. You can use LED lights in dark kitchen spots or both sides of your paintings to give a nice light effect. Indirect LED helps to look the space soft, magical, and mysterious.control home

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