What is smart home?

Smart home is a future technology for your house, which allow you to turn on/ off the lighting system, the AC, the TV, water heater, curtain and many others by your smartphone and your voice. Althought you are at home, at work or travelling, you can still control your whole home devices by your smartphone

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Ultimate comfort

Lumi Smarthome allows homeowners to set up home appliances to automatically operate according to family hours or life contexts, such as going to work, going home, going to sleep, waking up, receiving guests, etc. Homeowners can remotely monitor and control their homes using smartphones with the Internet.

Smart home - Smart security

Lumi will send warning messages when detecting unauthorized intrusion and automatically chase burglars by activating other devices such as flashing lights, sirens, opening curtains, etc. Helping homeowners eliminate the worry of forgetting to turn off the devices, reducing the time spent waiting for appliances in the home to operate, and reducing the effort of commuting to interact with mechanical switches.

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Smart home solutions

Smart Lighting

No more groping bulb switches in the dark, no need to worry about turning off the light when you go out. With Lumi smart lighting solution, it will be automatically

Controlling home by your voice

Stay in the sofa and take control of your house by your voice. Lumi Smart Home now integrated with Apple Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa

Smart curtain controlling system

The curtain system will automatically open or close in your setted time. When you are away from home, you can still check and control the curtain any time, anywhere

Smart remote for TV, AC and fan

Automatically turn on the TV, open the AC with just 1 tap on your smartphone. Greeting your guest, your friend now even easier

Smart water heating controlling

You can set time for your water heater to turn-on, or off, check the heating condition anytime with your phone. All by Lumi Smart Home

Smart security & Anti thief solution

Protect your house with smart security camera, smart spout, smart speaker, smart lighting and smart sensor, all combined devices will make the thief run out of breathe

Multi-room audio system

Easily turn on your music in your child room to wake them up, or make your wife feel your careness by open a romantic song at the living-room. Enjoy it with high-defination audio quality from Lumi

Environmental watching sensor

Watch the environment condition, outside or inside your house by just 1 sensor. Make smart rules by the temperature condition or humidity condition

16 Milion color LED

Personalize your house or your room with 16 milion color LED strip light. Enhance your experience whenever you playing game, watching movies or listening to music

Smart watering system

With smart watering system from Lumi, you can save time watering your grass, your plants. Beside of that, this smart watering spout can be used to protect your family from thiefs
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Công tắc thông minh Lumi
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Công tắc thông minh Lumi
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Công tắc thông minh Lumi

International certificate - International quality

Lumi Smart Home is the first company achieve:
– European CE certification
– RoHS certification for restricts the use of specific hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products

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The first in Vietnam integrated Google Assitant and Alexa

Lumi Smart Home now passed all the conditions from Google and Amazon, allow Lumi user to control the house by Google Assistant and Alexa

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Exporting nhà thông minh

The first company in Vietnam export smart home

Continuously leading the Vietnam marketing with more than 30,000 projects, Lumi Smart Home have exporting our devices into: India, Thailand, Israel, Singapore, Laos and Cambodia, …

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Works with Lumi - Unlimited Ecosystem

Lumi Smart Home is having the ability to expand and integrate with unlimited devices, can mention camera Hik Vision, Yale smart lock, Daikin AC..

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