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Home Center Controller

This is a smart home's brain and integrated with Zigbee wireless network that allows customers to connect and manage electrical devices, store configuration settings of users and update status of devices.


- Operating voltage: 100 - 20V ~ 50 - 60Hz

- No-load power consumption: <0.5W

- Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C

- Operating humidity: 0 - 95%

- Network: Zigbee HA 3.0, Z-wave

- Dimensions (LxWxH): 95.6 x 48.9 x46 mm

- Weight: 66.5g

- Warranty: 24 months


Considered the brain of a smart home, the central control unit adopts Zigbee wireless network, 802.15.4 standard and uses shortwave radio signals. It operates in the security area of the system, which is absolutely safe for your home against bad actors.

It is the place specialized in receiving and transmitting information to switches to tell the device to perform the task users require. It is also used to store configuration information as well as settings of users, update the status of devices and automatically make devices operate based on the configuration the user installs.

Precise and delicate design with 2 basic colors: black - silver. 



Without a central control, the system of switches that connect electrical appliances in the home will become a regular mechanical switch. But thanks to this device, you can control and set up the automatic mode for the electrical equipment system in your house on phones, tablets ...



The smart home controller will receive signals from sensors or users sent to the server. After receiving the information, the central controller - HC transmits a signal to the switch attached to the device to perform the user's request.


For example: When the motion detection sensor sends the signal that means "someone moves into the sensor area" to HC which then transmits the received signal to the switch connected to the device such as corridor lights, tube lights ...  and they will automatically turn on / off.


In addition, HC also allows users to create animations. For example: You can make up a scene by using a switch to turn on or off all devices in the house through just 1 touch on the phone or tablet. Hence,  you have complete control of all electrical appliances at home. Similar to other scenes such as reception, dinner, returning from work ... for household devices.




Using ZigBee - the outstanding technology in the world with good security features, which can support and connect indoor devices into a smart network. Moreover, ZigBee consumes very little energy, which minimizes costs compared to other technologies.


In particular, Lumi server has successfully integrated with server of Amazon - USA to create smart home control solution by voice. It allows users to completely control devices in the house with their own  ́ 'powerful voice". When you say "Turn on / off Lumi go home", all the devices in the house will be on / off, depending on the command.

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