Ceiling Mounted Motion Detecting - Sensor Solution From Lumi Smarthome

Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensor

Luxurious and distinctive design: The motion sensor is made of PP flame-retardant plastic, with an exquisite design with luxurious, white rounded lines to create the modernity of the product. The eye icons are highly interactive.

Sensor plastic cover:

- Optimal eye angle:

+ Identification angle of 72 ° -92 °

+ Identification angle 30 ° -102 ° or 30 ° - 92 °

+ Identification angle 46 ° -102 ° or 51 ° - 92 °


Motion sensor is applied in the area of the room, in the corridor, hospitals, hotels, houses, schools ... to prevent users from forgetting to turn off the lights when entering and leaving.
Motion sensor also acts as a "doctor" measuring light intensity, temperature ... in the house.


The on / off time will be flexibly set by users. For example, the morning time when people pass or stand in the sensor area will last up to 30 minutes, and will turn off after people move through from 5 seconds - 30 minutes.

Safe and handy

Lumi motion sensor in 2019 is improved and uses 220V power, does not use batteries, so it will be much more convenient. When the sensor detects movement, it immediately transmits a signal to the processor inside the sensor to perform the on / off mode for the lamp.

With locations where the rooms are next to each other with motion sensors installed, the sensor eye will help you cover the angle without the scanning sensor. For example, when installing a sensor in the toilet, you should adjust the sensor eye to cover the direction of the corridor area, so anyone walking through the corridor will not be able to make the sensor in the toilet work.
Motion sensor is one of the devices in the anti-theft security solution.


Product installation is simple, fast, can be mounted on plasterboard and supports normal ceiling installation. For plaster ceiling will

Method 1: For plaster ceiling:
- Make a device wiring, pull the spring up to bring the sensor to the ceiling and complete.

Method 2: For normal ceiling:
- User attaches accessories to the ceiling. Then make a wiring device.
Warranty: The product is warranted for 24 months at Lumi's stores.

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