Integrating the Works with Lumi Life smart motors for curtains, Lumi Smart House affirms the IOT capacity in Vietnam

New Trends 20/08/2020

Along with the continuous development of technology, a modern house is not only shown in new television and air conditioners, but even the simplest devices such as curtains become

5 indispensable devices in a Smart Home

New Trends 18/05/2020

Smart Home is no longer a bizarre concept to global citizens.  We can easily spot an automated lighting system in a friend’s house, intelligent camera surveillance at public places

The inventor of the first touch swith with concave glass screen: “Carefulness in the simplest things will lead to the best product.”

New Trends 29/04/2020

Being the leader in the domestic market, owning the most comprehensive smart home ecosystem, what is the reason why Lumi Smart Home still worries about its product - a switch - an

Smarter light – Better life

New Trends 27/04/2020

Smart lighting is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. It is the diversity and complexity of human needs for lighting in daily life, along with the

5 advantages of a smart home

New Trends 06/04/2020

Smart homes are thriving rigorously in Vietnam and worldwide. So what are the advantages of this new trend that make people crazy about?  Today, when IoT technology is

If you are building a house, what are the futuristic trends?

New Trends 06/04/2020

House trend in the future  Currently, not only do people care about the design of the outside of a house but they also take comfort and convenience of appliances inside

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