Lumi smart home officially joined the most competitive market in the world

By uniadmin - 06/04/2020

On November 7, 2019, the signing ceremony of the official distribution contract of Lumi smart home products in the Singapore market took place with the presence of Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai – CEO of Lumi Vietnam and Mr. Leslie Lee – CEO of Innotel Solutions, Singapore. The signing ceremony marked a new step in the journey of introducing Vietnam’s smart home brand to the international market. 

In particular, after attending the discussion and learning more about the features and strengths of products, Mr. Leslie also had an optimistic sharing about Lumi’s opportunity in the Singapore market. In addition, the ideas and intentions of promoting Lumi’s images and products in the Singapore market on digital platforms, technology exhibitions … were also interestingly mentioned by Mr. Leslie. 

When Vietnamese technology products become business opportunities for international investors

Before Singapore, Lumi smart home was available in some international markets such as India, Brazil, Israel, Lebanon, Thailand … These are more developed brands in those countries than Lumi in many aspects. Many smart home firms, whether large and small, have appeared and reached a certain position in the minds of consumers in these areas. 

Mr. Leslie frankly stated the reason for choosing to cooperate with Lumi Smart House Vietnam: “Even in the Singapore market, we also have very large competitors from Europe. However, along with that is a very expensive cost. To turn smart homes into a basic standard of living in the future, the mid-range segment with stable quality is the optimal choice. Lumi Smart Home Vietnam gives me a convenient way to reach the market when you have a solid technology foundation and a closed process of research, creativity and production all by Vietnamese intelligence.” 

As one of the first companies in Vietnam to put artificial intelligence into use in life since 2012,  the ambition of the company is to define and educate the market about the reality of smart houses that have only been seen in science fiction movies.

Owning a Lumi Smart Home means you can:

+ Adjust the sound – light system, curtains, and turn on / off the air conditioner, heater … remotely on smartphone

+ Control smart home devices by voice, which is convenient for busy people and the elderly.

+ Set up a comprehensive anti-theft security scenario thanks to intelligent sensors that protect the house against strange intrusion 

Vietnamese Smart Home – International standard

Over the years, Lumi has successfully built a strong position in the domestic smart home market with more than 135 agents in 63 provinces and cities, and all of them are ready to advise and support you with the rapid installation of products. Although the domestic market is still a great potential, Lumi Vietnam has soon set a goal of reaching out to the world by continuously having remarkable achievements such as:

– Has been granted commercial passports – European Standard CE certificate – which is the dream of million companies. The CE certificate means Lumi’s products meet all legal requirements for free circulation in the European market, opening a great ocean for Lumi’s products. Singapore is the 8th market with the presence of Lumi products after Australia, India, Israel, Lebanon, Laos, Cambodia …

– RoHS-certificate – a set of standard codes issued by European law and valid from July 1, 2006 to protect people and the environment from toxic substances in products. electricity and consumer electronics

– On June 1, 2019, Google confirmed the integration between two parties and successfully opened a connection with Lumi smart home solutions, allowing customers to install Lumi smart homes controlled by voice via Google Assistant.

– In November 2019, Lumi Vietnam announced the successful integration of the Apple ecosystem, allowing users to control smart devices in the home through Siri, synchronous control with products of Apple through iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch …

Being available in the Singapore market, the success comes from the business philosophy “Quality is a guideline for development.”

Right from the first days of establishment, the founders of Lumi Vietnam have understood that “quality is the first and prerequisite factor”. Therefore, quality control and assurance is the key to the growth and reputation of the company.

With the exclusive agreement on Innotel’s distribution of Lumi products in the Singapore market, Lumi’s products are officially available in 8 countries, starting the race in the international market of smart home products and simultaneously encourage Vietnamese intelligence to reach out to the world.

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