What does the smart home system consist of?

By Linh Thục - 04/06/2022

Are you someone who always wonders what a smart home or Smarthome is? What smarthome has and what utilities are called smart homes, and what devices does the smart home system include? Let’s find out with Lumi.

What is a smart home?

According to lumi smart home solution, Smart Home is defined: “Smart home is a set of solutions to help customers control electrical equipment in the house such as lighting systems, air conditioners, heater, televisions,… through the built-in software on the mobile phone or through the voice of the owner.” (Excerpt from Lumi’s interview with Cafebiz).

Các giải pháp trong nhà thông minh Lumi

With the development of smart home today, when living in a smart home, you already own a whole set of utilities such as:

– Turn on/off and adjust the lighting system in the house with light touches on smartphones anytime, anywhere.

– Remotely control the closing/ opening of curtains or install curtain systems according to family habits, for example, open the curtains at 6:00 am and automatically close at 19:00.

– Turn on the TV, open the air conditioner, heater by voice command.

– Customize the sound and lighting system according to each purpose, with the support of 16 million color LEDs that allow the host to create fun parties with the sound of the eye-catching light.

– Establish a comprehensive multilayered security system that protects homes when homeowners are away from home or unusual intrusions.

What does the smart home system consist of?

Voice home control: Discover the power of voice with the help of Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa virtual assistants. With just one saying, the smart home will act according to your will.

Control TVs, air conditioners, smart fans: With smart solutions for air conditioners, televisions, the controls all become meaningless. All you need is a Smartphone to control the above devices.

Điều khiển thông minh Lumi

Multi-zone sound: Listen to high-quality music anywhere in your home, from the living room to the balcony, from the first floor to the 3rd floor. All you need to do is use your voice or smartphone.

Lighting system: Flexible lighting control with Smartphone and Voice.

Turn on/ off smart heater: With smart solution for hot and cold, you will not need to spend time waiting. Instead, the heater will be turned on before you go home via smartphone.

Environmental conditions monitoring: Monitor the ambient conditions around your home, easily check the temperature, humidity inside the kitchen, warehouse, garden, thereby giving appropriate action such as opening air conditioners, opening fans, watering plants.


Control smart curtains: Automatic curtain solution allows setting curtains to automatically open to welcome dawn every morning and close when night comes via smartphone or voice.

Security solutions, smart anti-theft: Preventing theft from the first step, Lumi smart home helps homeowners build a multi-layer anti-theft scenario, activate smart electrical devices in the house to participate in anti-theft.


Smart LED lights of 16 million colors: Lumi smart LED control solution helps you to change the color of the space, adjust the brightness, to suit the context such as birthday, Christmas, New Year, or eat dark.

Is it expensive to install a smart home system?

If you own a two-bedroom apartment then the cost you have to spend on installing a smart home solution only fluctuates within the from 19 – 27 million – the equivalent of the money you need to buy an iPhone 11! This is a price suitable for the income of the majority of Vietnamese families today and commensurate with the technological facilities that smart homes bring.

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