Lumi Vietnam cooperates with DEA ​​(Italy) to develop the LUMI Smart Gate – DEA integrated into the Lumi ecosystem

By Linh Thục - 28/05/2021



Co-developed with DEA ​​- 30 years old automatic gate brand from Italy

An automatic gate is a gate system that is fitted with an electric motor device that closes/opens the gate. Just press a button on the remote, use the control software or the button fixed on the wall to control the gate to open/close remotely. You will not need to force open each door, the gate will automatically close/open the gate at the discretion of the owner.

In May 2021, Lumi officially announced the LUMI – DEA Smart Gate product. This is the result of cooperation with DEA ​​- a gate brand from Italy, which is highly appreciated for product quality as well as strict control in the production process.

DEA is a multinational corporation with nearly 30 years of history, highly appreciated in the world for the quality of automation products. Currently, DEA has 2 manufacturing plants in Italy and 7 branches in the world: France, Germany, UK, Spain, etc., supplying products to more than 150 countries around the world. DEA focuses on investing in systems, equipment, and people, improving the quality of products and services year by year, and promoting control over the entire production and distribution process.

Smart gates LUMI – DEA and promises of experience “Control like Italy with Lumi ecosystem”

Currently, the trend of using automatic gates in Vietnam is increasing, combined with the use of smart home systems. Automatic gates integrate a lot of features to increase user comfort. Mainly concentrated in villas, townhouses or residential areas.

The LUMI – DEA smart gate motor is an upgraded version of the gate motor from the conventional DEA automatic gate motor with the IoT core built into the product board. As a result, users can enjoy many other smart utilities, besides opening/closing with Smartphones.

The smart gate engine incorporates the IoT core integrated into the product board.


You can open the gate right inside the car or in the house to help avoid the rain and not have to go out, etc. This is one of the main reasons to choose the automatic type over other types of gates, providing convenience. Maximize benefits for users, as well as increase the aesthetics of the house.

DEA: Italian engine quality combined with Vietnamese wisdom to optimize the user experience

LUMI – DEA smart gate motor products are imported genuine from DEA with many advantages in materials. Some points can be mentioned such as: High water resistance and dust resistance, suitable for many harsh conditions; High-quality stainless steel motor box, the product has a safety sensor, automatically stops or redirects when encountering obstacles, equipped with a horn system, a safe alarm light for users.

In Vietnam, the product is integrated with an IoT core researched and developed by Lumi’s engineers, bringing smarter features to optimize the user experience. With the LUMI – DEA version, in addition to opening/closing with Smartphone, users can check the real status of the gate right on the app, access the history of opening / closing, or flexibly open the gate in whole or in part. At the same time, users can also easily remove the remote from the control system in case of loss, avoiding housing security risks.

Link: Read more 3 Distinctive advantages of LUMI – DEA Smart Gate motors

After a period of research and development, LUMI DEA Smart Gate is the first automatic gate product line integrated with the Lumi Ecosystem. The cooperation brings a more modern and optimized version of the gate motor, creating a tight security scenario for a Vietnamese house.

Smart Gateway LUMI – DEA is now available in the market from 25/05/2021. Customers can learn more about products and promotions here or contact Lumi’s Hotline 0904 665 965 for direct advic

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