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By uniadmin - 06/04/2018
Smart home is a home where you can control or control one or all appliances from lights, curtains, multi-zone sound, air conditioner … anywhere on the phone or with his voice.

In less than 3 seconds, you turn on / off your entire home electrical appliance even when out, or transform living space with 16 million colors. Ensure the safety and security of the house by warning and activating devices such as light up, open curtain, sire … to participate in the process of “anti-theft” when detecting intrusion. illegal. Intelligent control also allows you to control the device when you are not free hands like: cooking can still turn off air conditioning, turn on lights, open the door, even garden watering … just read the command you want The solution helps you save me multi-media and effective time to enjoy the living space of the family. The first smart home solution in Vietnam is certified CE and UL. Fine design, modern, luxury American standard, help your house more class and comfortable. In Vietnam, more than 20,000 apartments have been installed and used, hundreds of large projects under construction and contracting. With many outstanding features, smart home has been the perfect choice for every Vietnamese family.Video: General Director Lumi – Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai talk about Smart House utility

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