By Linh Thục - 26/05/2021

By integrating the IoT core inside the engine, users can enjoy many unique benefits only when controlling the Smart Gate LUMI – DEA.

Not only opening/closing the gate with Smartphone, but users can also check the real status of the gate right on the Lumi Life app

check the actual

Users can check the real status of the gate right on the Lumi Life app.

Over time, the remote control of opening/closing the gate has become a basic feature thanks to Remote, or by Smartphone like Lumi is providing to users. The user’s demand for a device called “smart” becomes more and more demanding, demanding more from the supplier. The LUMI – DEA smart gate is set up with features based on understanding this user’s needs, bringing features that are useful in situations that seem unlikely, but not always. not occur.

Suppose, your family starts the day in a great hurry so that the children can be on time for school and the parents are on time for work. Accidentally, while rushing to leave the house, you… forgot to close the gate. If you forget about this mistake, it looks like you can still have a comfortable working day. However, if you’re not sure if you’ve closed the gate or not, this worry will haunt you all day long.

Currently, on the market, automatic gates almost only help homeowners to open/close in a simple way. But with the smart gate LUMI – DEA, you can completely open the phone to check if the gate is really closed, or still open whether you are at work, or are returning home, or traveling abroad. This is a unique feature unique to homeowners who install LUMI – DEA smart gates.

Control gate opener (remote/smartphone, switch) in app history

Along with the need for control, easy control of the home has also become imperative for users. Therefore, Lumi’s control system also records the opening/closing times of the gate and allows homeowners to easily access it in the history of the Lumi Life app.

smart gate - in the app history

Lumi’s control system records the opening/closing times of the gate and allows homeowners to easily access it in the history of the Lumi Life app.

In the history section of the app, homeowners can easily review the time and device used to open/close the gate. This not only gives them peace of mind that the control of the gate is always in the hands of the owner but also provides information support for the homeowner in many other cases.

Ensure security even in the event of loss of gate opening and closing devices such as Remote

Housing security is increasingly becoming a group of top concerns for families, especially houses with large construction areas. Therefore, security devices applying smart technology are also increasingly interested, especially with home gates – the device is considered the first barrier for those who want to enter illegally.
As for the house gate, even after getting rid of opening the gate with the key, instead of using the Remote, the worry of dropping the opening device is always present. As for the LUMI – DEA smart gate motor, that worry is eliminated, because customers can easily delete the lost remote with the smartphone app. As a result, home security is always guaranteed, homeowners do not need to worry about unauthorized intrusions when accidentally losing the remote control gate.

Easily delete the lost Remote with the smartphone app.

In particular, when integrated into Lumi’s Smart Home ecosystem, homeowners can take advantage of the network of smart devices in the home to build effective anti-theft scenarios. For example, during the period from 00:00 to 5:00 am, if the gate is opened, the lights in the house will immediately turn on, the alarm will be loud, combined with the multi-zone audio playing the segment. warning “There is a thief!”. As a result, the owner of the house will be completely secure about his home.
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