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  • On/off control for electrical devices output (Supports 2 inputs and 2 outputs). The outputs connect and control electrical devices and the inputs can be configured as trigger signals for Rule / Scenes / Calendar.
  • Wireless connection: Zigbee
  • Remote control via Internet (Using App Lumi Life)
  • Control via indoor LAN (Using App Lumi Life)
  • Direct grouping mechanism with devices of the same type in Zigbee network
  • 24 months warranty
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  • CRI Color Completion Index: 90
  • Lifespan: 25,000 hours
  • 3 types of projection angle: 15 °, 24 °, 36 °
  • 3 types of backlight: Black, gray, yellow
  • Wireless connection: BLE Mesh.
  • Remote control via Internet (Using App Lumi Life).
  • Control via indoor LAN (Using App Lumi Life).
  • Dimming: 0% -> 100%
  • Change light color temperature: 2700K -> 5700K.
  • Controlling by groups of Lighting, HCL, Lighting scenes, Rule, Scenes, Calendar (Customizable according to user needs).
  • Can control the device by voice through the integration of Google Assistant, Alexa.
  • Control directly via Remote scene via BLE Mesh network mechanism (No need through HC)
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  • Length: 5m
  • Operating voltage: 24V DC
  • Capacity 18W / m
  • Number of possible colors: 16 million colors
  • Communication: BLE Mesh
  • Lifespan: 25,000 hours
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  • Only compatible with the central controller released in 2020
  • Play music to the entire house or several pre-selected rooms, strong coverage
  • Control the system and activate rules remotely using your phone via the Lumi Life app.
  • Stream music from a memory card, USB drive, hard drive, or via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • The system can be used for security (anti-theft), setting party moods, or creating birthday playlists...
  • 24 months warranty
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  • Supports 5 functions: RGBWW, RGB & WW, 5 Dim, 1 Dim 2 WW, 3 Dim 1 WW.
  • Communication: Zigbee/BLE Mesh
  • Controls RGB LED strips from 12V to 24V DC.
  • Changes the color temperature of LED strips (warm white - cool white): 2700K to 6500K.
  • Supports group control, HCL, lighting scenes, rules, scenes, and timers.
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  • The BLE Mesh Scene Switch is a smart switch that uses BLE Mesh connectivity technology.
  • The Scene Switch device supports 5 touch-sensitive buttons to activate scenes.
  • Each scene button supports 4 types of events, which are activated by single pressing, double pressing, long pressing, and dimming.
  • Users can use the events of the Scene buttons as inputs to activate rules.
  • In addition, the events of the Scene buttons can also directly activate Lighting Groups and Lighting Scenes without going through the Hub.
  • The product has a magnet on the back and comes with metal sheet accessories and 3M stickers for easy installation in various places
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  • Wireless connection: Zigbee/ BLE
  • Motion detection.
  • Measure the light intensity of your surroundings.
  • Measure the temperature and humidity level of the surroundings.
  • Regularly update your device's battery level to the Lumi Life App
  • The sensitivity/latency of the sensor can be changed.
  • The components of the sensor can serve as inputs for Rule (Customized according to user needs).
  • Direct control with on/off switch types, In Out module (Zigbee version) through advanced feature installation (Binding).
  • Warranty: 24-month
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  • Elegant tempered glass faceplate with scratch resistance
  • Safe and fireproof
  • Diamond-cut or rounded edges, anodized coating
  • Faceplate color: Black/White
  • Shape: Square: 95 x 95 x 31.5 mm. Rectangular: 121.5 x 80 x 31.5 mm
  • Warranty: 24 months
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- Power supply: 9V-30 VDC - Power consumption: 0.5W - Standard connection: Zigbee - Number of input channels: 4 channels - Clean connection point - Dry contact, wet contact
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