Smart Security & Anti thief Solution

A comprehensive security solution for your home with a smart camera that helps increase anti-theft alerts. In particular, the LumiLife system integrated with Hikvision camera has the feature of detecting every motion. On LumiLife apps, you can watch online or watch surveillance videos and create security zone on the app with some important indoor locations and motion detection in restricted areas

Monitoring Through Your Phone

Wherever you are, you can control your house. Through apps LumiLife, you can:
• Monitor directly activities inside or outside the home
• Create security zoning on the LumiLife app with some important indoor locations and motion detection in the restricted area

Activate smart lighting system

When the warning signal have been sent to the smartphone, the lighing system will be automatically turned on. Thiefs will think there must be someone home

Automatic open the curtains

The curtains will be open, as all other anti-theft solutions. The thief will be scared of thinking someone is about to catch him

Activate alarming sound system

Instantly activated with lighting system and curtains, the alarming sound will continuously ring the warning message, notice the home owner and neighbors

Activate garden watering system

In helping the home owner to avoid the thiefs, garden watering system will continuously flow the water, make them wet, and hardly the trying to escape

Products set for Smart security & anti thief solution

All Lumi Smart Home products have passed the CE and RoHS certificate

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