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Music is the thread connecting people with each other, stimulates brain development and helps relieve stress after a working day. The multi-zone audio module is a great device with many advanced utilities that other devices do not have. With Multi audio, customers will be able to enjoy music anywhere, whether it is the living room, bedroom, kitchen or even outside the outdoor dining area, .... - Power supply: 5.5 VDC / 1A - Operating temperature: 0 C - 50 C - Operating humidity: 0 - 95% - Communication: Zigbee HA 1.2- Size: 80 x 80 x 20 mm - Weight: 150 g - Warranty: 24 months
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  • On/off control for electrical devices output (Supports 2 inputs and 2 outputs). The outputs connect and control electrical devices and the inputs can be configured as trigger signals for Rule / Scenes / Calendar.
  • Wireless connection: Zigbee
  • Remote control via Internet (Using App Lumi Life)
  • Control via indoor LAN (Using App Lumi Life)
  • Direct grouping mechanism with devices of the same type in Zigbee network
  • 24 months warranty
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  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth Mesh.
  • Remote control via Internet (Using App Lumi Life).
  • Control via indoor LAN (Using App Lumi Life).
  • Changing the light intensity (Dimming) for 24V DC monochrome Led strip lights: 0% -> 100% (3 output ports support 3 dimming Led strip lights)
  • Changing the light color temperature for Led String Lights WW (CCT): 2700K -> 6500K. (2 output ports support 1 WW light wire control).
  • Control group Lighting, HCL, Lighting scene, Rule, Scene, Calendar (Customizable according to user needs).
  • Can control the device by voice through the integration of Google Assistant, Alexa.
  • Control directly via Remote scene via Bluetooth Mesh network mechanism (No need through HC).
  • 24 months warranty
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- Power supply: 9V-30 VDC - Power consumption: 0.5W - Standard connection: Zigbee - Number of input channels: 4 channels - Clean connection point - Dry contact, wet contact
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