Create a musical life with multi-room audio

Events 08/08/2022

The ability to integrate with devices in the Smart Home ecosystem transforms Lumi's new generation multi-room audio system into an indispensable piece for a new rhythm of life.

Multi-room Audio V3.1 – Your home, your way to play music

News 01/08/2022

Improve your living space with smart and personalized music It would be boring if there was no "presence" of music in the living space. As a result, the multi-room audio

Multi-room audio: Concept and journey for “one-touch” comfort living

News 01/08/2022

Playing music in all rooms at the same time has become a standard requirement for modern families. Can multi-room audio meet any additional user requirements as devices connect

The new decade and the direction of Lumi Vietnam after a 10-year journey

News 30/06/2022

On the morning of April 27, 2022, Lumi Vietnam held an event to celebrate its 10th anniversary, IoT/Smarthome Vietnam Conference, and announced repositioning. Especially the

Lumi officially entered the high-end lighting market with the launch of Lumi Lighting

Events 30/06/2022

Lumi introduces a premium lighting collection: Lumi Lighting Lumi launched a "user-centered" product roadmap following its 10th anniversary. By launching Lumi Lighting, the

Lumi Vietnam participates in Kenwin Group’s “Launching high-end aluminum brand KÖGEN” event

News 23/06/2022

On June 19, 2022, Lumi Vietnam was honored to be a guest to attend the event "Launching high-end aluminum brand KÖGEN" of Kenwin Group. The launch ceremony of the high-end aluminum

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