Lumi officially entered the high-end lighting market with the launch of Lumi Lighting

Events 30/06/2022

Lumi introduces a premium lighting collection: Lumi Lighting Lumi launched a "user-centered" product roadmap following its 10th anniversary. By launching Lumi Lighting, the

Lumi Vietnam participates in Kenwin Group’s “Launching high-end aluminum brand KÖGEN” event

News 23/06/2022

On June 19, 2022, Lumi Vietnam was honored to be a guest to attend the event "Launching high-end aluminum brand KÖGEN" of Kenwin Group. The launch ceremony of the high-end aluminum

The signing ceremony of Lumi Vietnam and Thai Nguyen University of Technology

Events 04/06/2022

Lumi Vietnam officially signed a cooperation agreement with Thai Nguyen University of Technology on May 19, 2022, and launched the Smarthome-IoT Research and Development

Press Release: Lumi Vietnam – Celebraing 10th anniversary publishing Vietnam Smarthome report 2022, and officially repositioning

Events 18/04/2022

Hanoi, Apr 18th  2022 Lumi Vietnam: Celebrating 10th anniversary of establishment Publishing Vietnam Smarthome Report 2022 Officially repositioning with new

Lumi Vietnam cooperates with DEA ​​(Italy) to develop the LUMI Smart Gate – DEA integrated into the Lumi ecosystem

News 28/05/2021

Owning a smart home ecosystem that is considered to be quite comprehensive, Lumi Vietnam  recently continue expanding its network of IoT devices by collaborating with automatic

Lumi Vietnam officially embarks on the Viet – Tiep lock to research and manufacture smart locks “Make in Vietnam”

Uncategorized 16/03/2021

In the morning of March 16, 2021, the signing ceremony of smart lock research and production cooperation between Lumi Smart House and Viet Tiep Lock Joint Stock Company took place

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