Smart homes have become popular with every Vietnamese family. With Lumi's help, you will own a smart home which is more comfortable than expected with lighting, air conditioning, heater, curtains, sound, images, all of which are controlled via smartphone, ipad connected to the internet or by voice

Smart townhouse with various amenities

Convenient lighting system: In a normal house, you have to go to each switch to control the equipment. But with Lumi's products, just sit in one place or at work, you still can turn on / off the electrical appliances in your house easily on smartphones, computers, ipads. At the same time, you are able to know the devices' status. Especially, when at home, you can use your voice to control your home via Google Assistant. For example, while cooking, staying in bed, even when bathing, you can open the gate for guests, water the plants, which helps you save a lot of time. Motion sensors will help lights automatically be on when people are moving and vice versa, or turn on / off based on a preset time frame. In addition, the 16 million-color Led controller will give your family a lively space with lights being able to change over time to suit each family's events such as birthdays, noels, festivals, New Year's Eve ...

Healthy living environment: Lumi smart home is equipped with an environmental control system with sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and light in the house. The parameters are calculated by the central controller (HC) and sent to your phone. When it detects an inappropriate temperature, HC immediately sends orders to smartly controlled devices: air conditioner, dehumidifier, ventilation fan ... to ensure a healthy environment for all family members.

Safe with intelligent security system: the house will be protected 2 rounds with a surveillance camera system looking after your house 24/24 and when there is an intrusion, the motion sensor immediately sends an alert to your smartphone, gmail for prompt execution. At the same time, devices such as alerts, curtains, lights help you feel completely secure at home

Enjoy great sound systems: The multi-zone audio solution allows different areas of the house to simultaneously play multiple sources of sound suitable to individual taste. You can select the music playback mode automatically according to the time of day. For example: 6am and 3:30 pm.

Fast and simple installation: With Lumi's professional and experienced engineering team, the design and installation process of smart home solutions takes place simply and quickly. Construction time lasts from only 1 - 2 days (regardless of new or old construction) without impacts on your house infrastructure because Lumi's products are designed to fit into the in-wall base and electrical infrastructure of your home.

Currently, Lumi is the only unit in the smart home market with CE certificate (European export standard) and UL certificate (electronic circuit board of international standard, allowing the company to export to 104 countries) and also a pioneer in Vietnamese smart home market.

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04:04 15/06/2018
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