You own a modern, classy villa but lacks intelligence. The stone wall is luxurious but attached with instylish plastic switches. A switch with subtle design using high-grade toughened glass, 14k gold-plated monolithic aluminum border will make a difference for your house.

 In particular, the system of electrical equipment in luxurious villas such as air conditioners, afternoon lights, sounds, images, water heaters and so on can be controlled and monitored on smartphones and through your voice. Currently, Lumi is a leading company in the field of smart home and specializes in manufacturing as well as supplying smart electrical appliances and smart home solution packages in Vietnam.

More convenient than expected

In normal houses, to control electrical devices such as curtains, air conditioners, water heaters, fans; it is very tiring to go to each switch in different rooms to control the light amount that you want. But with Lumi, you can control all devices with a simple touch on your smartphone or tablet wherever you are. Especially with the new solution of controlling smart homes integrated with Google Assistant Voice Control through simple dialogs,  it is easier to use electric devices more than ever.

With the available scripts suitable for the specific scene in the house such as receptions, watching movies, going to bed ... , the devices ranging from air conditioner, curtains to lights and heater are always  ready to be activated. All you need to do is just select "on" or "off" mode, "close" or "open" mode as you like.

Lights at the corridor and along stairs will automatically be on when people move and automatically be off when there is no one around thanks to the motion sensor of Lumi Vietnam, which helps you save energy efficiently. A multi-zone speaker system allows different areas of the house to play different sound devices at the same time and automatically play music based on the time frame you've set for the day. Let's take 6am and 5pm as examples, every morning you will be able to enjoy a melodious song and a vibrant song when you come home from work every day.

Absolutely safe with intelligent security system

Door sensors and security cameras are 2 layers protection so that your villa is safe 24/7. Surveillance video systems helps you track activities inside and outside the house easily while intrusion detection sensor helps identify unauthorized intrusion comes from the door earliest. At the same time, sensors mobilize devices such as alerts, swirling lights, curtains also participate in the process of "anti-theft" and the app informs you immediately via your phone or gmail for a prompt solution.

Fast and simple installation

Lumi Smart Home Solution is easy to be deployed in the villa you are living in without infrastructure modification since Lumi Vietnam smart switches are perfectly designed to fit into your wall base as well as electrical infrastructure. Construction time lasts only 1-2 days (regardless of new or old works).

In particular, Lumi is the only unit in the smart home market having CE certification (European export standard) and UL certificate (hardware electronic board of international standard, allowing the company to export to 104 countries). Simultaneously, Lumi is the pioneer in Vietnamese smart home market (MILO smart speaker products).

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Lets take a look at some villa that install our smarthome solution:

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