IR Sensor - Controlling System In Lumi Smarthome

IR Smart Remote

Instead of monitoring air conditioner, TV via hand-held remote control, you can simplify that with the help of Lumi infrared sensor. Even if it is turning on / off TV channel switch or increasing / decreasing the air conditioner temperature, electric fan, users can control all those things via phone with Zigbee wireless wave technology. The installation is quick and easy.


- Operating voltage: 100 - 20V ~ 50 - 60Hz
- Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C
- Operating humidity: 0 - 95%
- Network: Zigbee HA 3.0, Z - wave
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 95.6 x 48.9 x 46 mm
- Weight: 66.5g
- Warranty: 24 months


Having luxurious, eye-catching design with rounded edges and white/black color, Lumi's infrared controller is not only the key device in air conditioner and smart TV solutio but also an important feature to make your home more impressive. Moreover, the device is made from PP non flammable plastic which is highly appreciated by international engineers and experts APPLICATION

Infrared control system has the ability to replace traditional remote controls of air conditioners, TV fans, digital players, ... and receive and learn from over 1,000 commands. The device contains libraries of more than 300 codes available for 4 control categories: TV, Fan, air conditioner and digital player.
Thanks to the combination with the central control unit, you can schedule on / off smart air conditioning to turn on the air conditioner at 10 pm and turn off at 4 am, etc. Additionally, the intelligent infrared controller also has integrated sensors for measuring environmental parameters to increase or decrease the temperature based on the external environment.

With an infrared control device, it is possible to create multiple interfaces on the phone to control multiple devices at the same time. For example, appliances in the living room can be set up to create a console from what is available in the library. In case the library does not support it, it is also possible to set the "learning" mode for the device.

Note: Place the infrared control device within 5m away from the device controlled.
With the cooperation between Google Assistant voice control and Lumi solution, now you just need to say "OK Google, turn on the air conditioner" or "OK Google, turn on the TV", immediately the TV and air conditioner will be activated as you want.

Moreover, the 2019 infrared controller is much more improved with the library function, which enables you to control the device via your phone similar to a remote control.


The infrared controller will take control commands from the library or learn all the commands from remote controls of all devices in your house. On the user's phone app will appear icons such as: air conditioner, TV, fan so instead of using Remote, users will directly press icons on their phone to control the device.
Each device will have a different interface.

Outstanding advantages of the infrared controller

Instead of 10 remote controls, you only need one phone to completely control the devices in the house.
On the other hand, when users install the context of "going home" - a system of devices including air conditioner, water heater, lights, curtains and so on will be ready to serve you as soon as you arrive home.


The way to install Lumi infrared controller is very simple, you can install it yourself at home:
✔ Plug the 5VDC adapter (included in the product box) into the 220V power source
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