Door Sensor - Smarthome Solution From Lumi

Door Sensor

It can detect illegal intrusion, then activate a system of devices such as alerts, vortex lights, curtains, lights ... and send warning to phones or tablets. The sensor uses Zigbee wireless network with high security 802.15.4. On the other hand, the motion detection sensor is built into the environment sensor to measure information such as temperature, humidity, light ... to help create a fresh space, ensure the best living environment for your family.



- Operating voltage: CR2477 Battery - 3V 1000mA
- Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C
- Operating humidity: 0 - 95%
- Battery life: 1 year
- Light measurement range: 0 - 10,000 lux
- Network: Zigbee HA 1.2


Lumi door sensor is elegant and modern in design with eye-catching white color.

Lumi door sensor with 2 separate parts is mounted at the entrance of the house or each room and installed with a maximum of 2cm apart from each other. Made from nonflammable PP plastic, this device is classy with rounded chamfered heads. This is an indispensable device in the smarthouse solution system.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 36x36x15mm
  • Weight: 29g
The device notices any intrusion. When information is transmitted to the central control unit, the indicator light flashes green twice. If not, the indicator light flashes red twice quickly.


Lumi door sensor is one of the devices in Lumi's security standard solution. It is applied to smart anti-theft solutions for houses, apartments, cars ... for example: When installing motion detection sensors, you set the time frame from 23h - 5am, 8am - 11pm and 13h - 17h. During this time, when the door is opened, the motion detection sensor immediately transmits the signal to the HC central controller. Here, HC has the function to activate the switches to turn on the light, open the curtain, ... Sending alerts to phones and mobilizing devices involved in the "anti-theft" process has contributed to the protection of your home against harmful agents.


When the door is open, the sensor will send a signal to the central controller (HC) and notify you. For the sensor to work effectively, you should set the operating time for the sensor according to the time frame. For example, from 23h - 5am, 8h - 11h and 13h - 17h.

Ensure absolute safety for your home

Sending alerts to phones and mobilizing devices involved in the "anti-theft" process has contributed to the protection of your home against bad factors. In addition, the door sensor also functions as an environmental sensor, which can measure parameters such as humidity, temperature, environment light and send them to your phone. Using zigbee wireless network with 802.15.4 standard and radio signal with shortwave frequency, the device is able to prevent thieves from hacking into your network system to open doors to invade your home.


This product can be easily mounted on the door with extremely durable stickers.
After fixing the back of the device to the right position, customers continue to attach the front of the sensor to the position of the back installed to complete the installation.

Recommendation from manufacturers: customers should install the magnet on the door edge. The door sensor and the distance between the magnet and the door sensor 2cm.

To ensure the door sensor works: Please note that the groove in the sensor coincides with the groove on the magnet.
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