Motion Detecting Sensor

Environmental sensors act as a "doctor" who measures the temperature, light, humidity and so on in your house besides automatically turning on/off lights when movement is detected. In addition, the sensor is also integrated into security solutions, hence, activates alerts, turns on the lights ... when noticing illegal intrusion


- Operating voltage: 100 - 20V ~ 50 - 60Hz
- No-load power consumption: <0.5W
- Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 50 ° C
- Operating humidity: 0 - 95%
- Light measurement range: 0 - 10,000 lux
- Maximum recognition angle: 102 °
- Network: Zigbee HA 1.2


Modern Lumi motion sensor is made of PP non-flammable plastic with exquisite design, white rounded edges.
  • Size (Cxd): 27X70mm
  • Weight: 40g
  • Warranty: 24 months


Motion sensors are installed in the corridor area, hospitals, hotels, houses, schools, etc. to prevent users from forgetting to turn off the lights when leaving the room. The sensor detects the moving person and informs HC to turn on the light and automatically turn it off if no one is in the tracking area. This solution helps to avoid wasting electricity in the most optimal way. Motion sensor is integrated with sensors which measure temperature, light, humidity in the house. If one of the above factors is redundant or inadequate, the sensor will send information to HC which will perform the task of "ordering" air conditioners, lights and curtains to operate in order to maintain the healthiest living space.

This motion sensor will be integrated into security solutions when it activates alerts, lights ... in case it detects an intentional intrusion into the tracking area.


The motion detection sensor sends a signal to HC when it detects movement in the sensor area. Here, the central controller sends information to the switch connected to the light bulb to turn on / off the light depending on the signal from the motion detection sensor. The on / off time will be flexibly set by you. For instance, light time when people pass by or stand in the sensor area will be 1-3 minutes and it will turn off after people move through from 30s - 1 minute.
Safe and handy

Conventional sensors on the market use wires to connect the sensor to the light bulb. When the sensor detects movement, it immediately transmits a signal to the switch inside the sensor to perform the "on / off" mode for the light.

On the other hand, Lumi's sensor can be configured with animation and flexibility in use. For example: If you want to change the light switch of the sensor to a switch of curtains, tubes, fans, you just need to reconfigure on the phone app without having to change the power line like conventional sensors.


The product is extremely easy to install and can be affixed to the ceiling, on the wall with stickers or wall screws. After putting the device in the right position, customers continue to attach the front of the sensor to the position of the back installed to complete the installation. Position the front of the device so that the pins on the back of the device coincide with the grooves of the front, then turn the front clockwise to allow the mounts to fit into the groove. Note that the small mount on the back corresponds to the small groove on the front. The device is designed with only 1 position that can rotate between the front and the back.

When using the product:
  • Do not expose the sensor to extreme temperatures
  • Do not store the device in a humid area near water
  • Do not disassemble the device itself when it is not needed
  • Do not clean the device with corrosive chemicals
  • Observe environmental regulations when discarding or recycling the device and its packaging materials.
  • Motion sensors are an integral part of the security system of the most modern smarthome solution.
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