1. What is Lumi's warranty?
All Lumi's products are backed by a 24-month warranty. During the warranty period Lumi commits 1 change at the place of use.

2. How long does it take to install Lumi's equipment?
As Lumi equipment is fully compatible with the available sound soles in the market, if the electrical infrastructure in your house is complete, installation of Lumi equipment takes only 01 day.
Note: Lumi has 2 designs that are compatible with 2 available wall soles, square and rectangular. For the most convenient construction, you should bury the soles deep in the wall by 1.5cm.
Is it difficult to replace the normal equipment with Lumi's equipment? Need to change the infrastructure?
Lumi's equipment is highly compatible, perfectly suited to the wall base available on the market and is used in common buildings, family ... So the installation is very simple, the operation is similar. Manually installs the normal mechanical switch and does not have to change the structure (drill, chisel) of the house.

3. How do the Lumi devices connect?
Lumi's devices are interconnected by Zigbee wireless communication technology. Zigbee is wireless technology, using 2.4Ghz frequencies similar to Wifi.
Does using Lumi's wireless device affect health?
The signal power of the Zigbee wave is 20 times lower than that of Wifi, so dozens of new Lumi transmitters have the same signal strength as a Wifi modem. The world has not recorded any cases of health effects by Zigbee signal.

4. How much power does Lumi's equipment consume?
In idle mode, the Lumi's devices consume less than 0.2W for signaling LED display and feeding the controller inside. Thus, the consumption of Lumi equipment is negligible, less than 500 VND / month.
What devices does Lumi control?
Lumi's products are integrated to control:
- Lighting system (off-on, up-down).
- Fan system (switch-on, increase-decrease speed).
- Curtain system.
- rolling doors.
- Heater.
- Air conditioning (on / off).
- TV (on and off).

5. What is the Smart Electric Lumi?
Lumi Vietnam Joint Stock Company is a pioneer in the field of research, development and application of science and technology into smart electronics products in Vietnam. By integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as capacitive touch, pulse source, Zigbee wireless communication technology, Lumi branded products are now widely used. At home in large projects across the country, making dreams of owning a smart home is no longer a distant one.
Lumi currently offers two product lines:
- Handy Series: The touch switch integrates a remote control to control one or more indoor devices, setting up device-specific scenarios.
- Elite Series: Integrate software applications in controlling and monitoring electrical equipment via Smartphone Please call us at hotline: 0904.665.965 for detailed advice.

6. Why should I choose Lumi's products?
With the dedication of Vietnamese people to domestic products with quality and world-class, Lumi has invested in researching: Demand, habits of using electrical equipment in the house of the Vietnamese, Conditions of operation The actual implementation of electrical equipment in Vietnam ... to introduce new products, integrate advanced solutions bring convenience, improve safety, easy to use.
Especially: Lumi's products perfectly match the habit of using electrical equipment of Vietnamese and compatible with the equipment available in the family. Moreover, as a Vietnamese enterprise, having representative office and distribution network nationwide, Lumi quickly assists clients at any time, as well as sincerely listen to the feedback, from the Improve your product, improve service quality, and meet the growing demand of savvy customers - something not all businesses do as a guideline for their mission.

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