Part 5: Does A Smart Home Prevent Theft?

Bởi Ngô Thu Hà - 04/07/2020
Besides advanced utilities such as lighting system, air-conditioners, TVs, fans control on smartphone or by voice, a Smart Home is also stands out for its security system, having the ability to be immune from strange invasion. This article will answer questions relating to anti-theft feature of a Smart Home. 

Security solution can prevent strange instrusion


1. I am planning to install a security system and accidentally heard about the Smart Home solution. Can you explain to me about its mechanism?

Answer: The truth is camera surveillance only allows us to replay what has happened after the break-in while a Smart Home can identify strange intrusion and prevent the incident right from the beginning. 
When smart cameras recognize any invasion from outside in the tracking area during curfew, they will take pictures and send notifications to your phone as well as wake the house up. 
- Lights are turned on
- Curtains are open
- Alarm system is activated
- Cameras take 10 pictures of the scene, which are sent to the owner’s phone
- The thieves panic and run away

2. Which device is needed to use the security feature?  

Answer: As mentioned above, the “immune ability” of a Smart Home means all household devices can operate based on a scenario as if there was actually someone at home. Therefore, the more Smart Home solutions you apply, the more secure your house will be.   
- security solution: Hikvision smart camera, smart lock, door sensor,...
- smart lighting solution: smart touch switch, motion sensor…
- motorised curtains: motors, smart touch switch,..
- automatic watering solution: smart switch, home controller….

3. By whom are recorded information and pictures managed ? Can they guarantee privacy?

Answer: In terms of data recorded, if customers use low-cost devices withoug clear origins, most information will not be protected. However, with Hikvision Camera integrated with Lumi Smart Home ecosystem, all data will be managed, encrypted and protected at the server in Vietnam by Lumi, which ensures security and privacy.

4. Where can I purchase the devices?

Answer: Currently, for common cameras, you can easily find them on the market. Nevetheless, for smart cameras integrated into an ecosystem, you can find further information at the security solution of Lumi Smart Home.
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