PART 4: Are Smart Home Devices Safe And Energy-efficient?

Bởi Ngô Thu Hà - 02/07/2020

Khi lựa chọn các thiết bị điện thông minh để lắp đặt cho nhà đang ở, các chủ nhà có thể băn khoăn về sự an toàn, tính ổn định khi hoạt động của thiết bị. Trong bài viết nãy, hãy cùng Lumi làm rõ những băn khoăn và tìm hiểu thêm một số thông tin về đặc điểm của thiết bị điện thông minh nhé.

1. I am considering to install smart home. However, I have already had television, air conditioner, water heater, etc. Do I need to replace them all with Smart devices if you install a smart home? 

Answer: All electrical devices do not need to be replaced when you change your house into a Smart home. Lumi Smart Home solution is technology utilities integrated into a traditional house. You just need to install Lumi smart devices helping the house "listen" and understand" your desire without having to getting rid of any existing appliance. 

2. Are Lumi smart devices safe to use and energy-efficient, especially in tropical climate in Asia countries?

Answer: Lumi always puts safety and energy-saving first.
In terms of safety: Users can use Smartphone instead of switch directly touching the switch to turn on / off the devic. In case users have to interact with the switch, the risk of electrical shock is eliminated to the minimum thanks to the distance between the glass screen and the actuall power supply. 
In addition, on the electronic circuit boards installed in the product, Lumi applies PCB coating and uses Techspray solvent to avoid short-circuit due to external impacts in use. As a result, Lumi touch switch still well performs in hot and humid tropical monsoon conditions like in Vietnam 
In terms of enegry efficiency: When applying Lumi solutions, electrical appliances in the home will be installed to operate based on the habits of owners. For example, lights at the stairs, toilets only turn on when there are people moving in the area, air conditioners are only activated when the temperature is high enough, or the owner can control the operating modes of each light in every single room on the Lumi Life app. 

3. Is the use of intelligent electrical equipment stable? Is the system often stuck or faulty?

Answer: Stability is one of the priorities to ensure user experience. The sensitivity of the touch button on Lumi switch is always appreciated by customers and the satisfaction rate is up to 99%. The secret to good user experience is the meticulous arrangement of small springs at the 4 corners of the product, creating intrinsic thrust, combined with the glass surface. The pressure on the sensor circuit, eliminating the air layer to the maximum, helps users to feel the power of each touch button. Besides, the management server of Lumi smart home system is located right in Vietnam to ensures the smooth operation of the system, limiting stutter and lag to a maximum. App Lumi Life is also continuously improved and upgraded and rated by users for quick login and smooth experience.
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