PART 3: Which Device In The House Can A Smart Home Control?

Bởi Ngô Thu Hà - 24/06/2020

A smart home is a house allowing homeowners to control household devices by smartphone and by voice. However, not all smart-home fans have a clear picture about smart devices. In Part 3 of the Smart Home Q&A series, Lumi will give you the answers to those  questions! 

Question 1: Currently I am building a house and intend to learn about Smart Home. Which device does Smart Home installation need? 

Answer: Currently, the installation of smart electrical devices is no longer complicated thanks to the advent of wireless smart appliances. 

The number of smart devices in the house can be varied depending on the needs of customers. For example, if only smart lighting is needed, homeowners only need to install smart touch switches and motion sensors. If there is a need to control the TV, air conditioner, the owner will need to install infrared controllers, ...  

Home Controller is an indispensable part of a smart home. The HC acts as the brain of the house, allowing the homeowner to control electrical appliances with a smartphone or voice.

Question 2: Where do the smart appliances on the market come from? Are they durable? 

Answer: Currently, in Vietnam, customers have a wide range of choices when it comes to  smart devices. Customers can choose from high-end (often wired) products from Europe, Chinese low-cost devices or smart devices manufactured by Vietnam, such as Lumi Smart Home. Currently Lumi has installed more than 30,000 housing projects and has successfully exported to 8 countries. 

Talking about the durability of smart electrical equipment, along with different prices, the durability, control speed, stability in operation as well as the manufacturer's commitment are also different, adjusted according to each price 

Question 3: Which kind of devices can be controlled in a Smart Home? If I install a Smart Home, will electrical infrastructure need to be changed? 

Answer: The basic equipment in a smart home is responsible for helping users control the operation mode of household appliances. When installing a basic set of equipment, they will allow homeowners to control the equipment such as 

  • The lighting system includes LED lights, living room lights, bedroom lights, stair lights

  • Security system includes camera, gate, burglar alarm

  • Electronics systems such as TVs, fans, air conditioners, etc.

  • Curtain system 

  • Watering system 

Especially when applying Wireless Smart Home solutions, homeowners do not need to replace existing electrical infrastructure in the house or change the  electrical lines.  Instead, changing into touch switches and installing additional controllers or motion sensors are all that needed. 

Question 4: Does installing a Smart Home take a lot of time? How long is the warranty period? 

Answer: The smart home installation does not take as much time as you think. Usually, it only takes 1 to 3 days for an electrician to install the entire Smart Home solution system. With Lumi smart home system, customers will be guaranteed for 24 months. 

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