What Is A Smart Home? How Can It Benefit Its Owners?

PART 1: What Is A Smart Home? How Can It Benefit Its Owners?

Bởi Ngô Thu Hà - 05/06/2020

1. I am building a house and have been advised by people to install a Smart Home. So, what is exactly a Smart Home?

Answer: Currently, Smart Home has become a popular trend in the 4.0 era. Smart home is the house allowing its owner to control lighting systems, air conditioners, televisions, water heaters, curtains and so on by Smartphone/voice. Whether you are at home, at work, or traveling, you are still able to control the house via an Internet-connected smartphone or through your own voice.
For example, if you go out but forget turning off the air conditioner, usually, you will either turn back home and turn it off, which is time-consuming or leave it on until you go home, which is not really energy-saving. However, with a Smart Home, the motion sensor will automatically collect information and turn off the air-con for you. A smart home will create more utilities and a more modern life than a traditional home.

2. Why should I install a Smart Home? How does a smart home help with life compared to a traditional house?

Answer: People are getting more and more interested in the smart home market because of the superior features that it provides. A Smart Home helps you save time, energy and create a more comfortable life for your family
- It is more time-saving when you can remotely control electrical equipments. Instead of having to go to each switch to turn on/off the device, you just need to sit in one place to control everything on the smartphone.
- It is more energy-efficient since you can control devices via the App wherever you are, eliminating the risk of forgeting to turn off any appliance.
- It means a more comfortable life with living scenarios setup feature such as turning on lights when people enter the room, turning off fans when no one is in use, opening curtains at 6 am and closing at 10 pm.
- It is safer in case the owner is not at home since the house can protect itself from any illegal intrusion by automatically opening curtains, turning on lights and alarm, ...
- It creates an ideal living environment with environment parameter control device. For example, the air conditioner will turn on if the humidity is greater than 80%, the curtain closes automatically if the sunlight is too strong, ...

3. How much does a basic smart home cost?

Answer: The cost of a smart home depends on the type of house you own and the number of devices you want to install.
- If you own a 2-bedroom apartment, the basic package costs from $1000 to $1250, expansion packs from $2000 - $2250
- If you want to install a Smart Home for a townhouse, the total cost is about $3500
- $4750 is what you pay for a 3-storey villa with garden and basement, the average total cost for full installment is $10000.
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