How much does Smart Home cost?

How much does Smart Home cost?

Bởi - 12/04/2018

How much does Smart Home cost? The question Lumi receives very often comes from the customer. Smart Home is getting more and more attention not only every house being built, but also houses.

What is Smart Home?

Currently, Smart Home is a concept that has not been completely defined. But to understand most closely, Lumi's concept is to: Smart Home is the home that can understand and operate the equipment according to the wishes of the owner. With homes that are equipped with smart home solutions, you can fully control, control electrical lighting, automatic curtains or air conditioners, heaters, ... In addition to utility, Smart Home It also has to bring wonderful experiences, renewing the lifestyle of the owner. The security, confidentiality of information must be absolutely guaranteed. When homeowners travel or travel somewhere, they can still see what their home is like through a camera system. Automatic anti-theft alarm when there is unwanted intrusion.

Smart Home with the perfect experience with Smart Home brings you the luxury, difference and class for your home. When a guest enters the home, electrical appliances will operate based on the available scenarios. For example, the curtain automatically opens, music is turned on automatically according to your favorite song list, or the living room lights are ready to turn on when the door is open. These factors will make your home a Smart Home with many amenities.

How much does Smart Home cost?

According to many people, Smart Home modern, luxurious, high technology application must be "heavenly", perhaps only the rich or super rich can be installed. However, with the development of technology, that completely changed people's thinking. If you are knowledgeable about smart home, you will be able to get a lot of quotes from a lot of different units. However, to find the unit that provides affordable Smart Home solution that quality is not easy. Come to Lumi, the quotation of the equipment will be listed price list 84 dealers across the country. CE-certified quality can be exported to 104 countries. Only from 30 million, your home can become Smart Home with extremely attractive facilities. With the Lumi zigbee wireless technology being used, every home can become a smart home without compromising the structure of the home. However, different homes will have different needs and areas of use. To receive an accurate quote, please call the hotline: 0904 665 965 or click here: Now with just a small amount of money you can turn your home into a Smart Home. Contact us today for a free consultation: 0904 665 965

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