(The solution applies to apartments with an area of 60 - 92 m2)

With a hope that smart homes will no longer be a luxurious thing to households, Lumi Vietnam has optimized and released many product packages in accordance with the price and demands of customers. The solution fully meets the standards of a modern house, including lighting, air-conditioning, curtains, water heaters, sounds, fans ... which are controlled via smartphones or computers connected to the Internet. In particular, our products are integrated with voice-controlled Google assistant.  Just say “Ok Google, activate the scene outside” and immediately the electrical appliances in the house turn off in a snap.

Smart lighting system

One touch - thousands of amenities: Usually, to control all appliances in the house, you need to reach dozens of switches. However, with Lumi, you only need a light touch on a smartphone or tablet connected to the internet to turn on / off all electrical appliances in the house wherever you are.

Owner speaks - home listens: With smart speakers controlled by voice, turning on / off devices is extremely easy. Just say simple sentences,  Google speakers or Siri can understand and do exactly what you want.

More than just convenience: Users can set daily repetitive scenes for the house such as: "Going home", appliances, water heater, exhaust fan, air conditioner, curtains ... will be available and give you a comfortable space or the mode "watching movies", "away from home", "going to sleep".

Curtain Control

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Smart Home Lumi allows you to control the curtain system remotely. In addition, it also monitors based on pre-programmed contexts such as: reception, movie time, bed time and so on.

Control air conditioner and heater remotely

Air conditioning system, hot water heater will automatically be active based on the presetting time frame by one touch on the smartphone despite being far away from your home. The situation in which you forget to turn off any electrical devices on not being at home will also be prevented thanks to this invention.

Safety with security system

Camera surveillance system protects the house 24/7. When an intrusion occurs, the intrusion detection sensor immediately sends an alert to your smartphone screen, and activates all devices to participate in "anti-theft" process such as alerts, curtains, lighting, etc. You feel completely secure when you're not at home

Multi-zone audio entertainment

Multi-zone audio systems allows different areas of the house to play music at different times based on individual taste. Users can choose the music playback mode automatically in a fixed time of the day. For example, in the morning - melodious music helps you relax and enjoy the fresh air to start a new day.

Fast and simple installation

Lumi uses the most advanced Zigbee wireless communication technology today, which allows smart home solutions to be deployed very easily in the house you are living in. All needed to do is just replace the existing switches with our products without  infrastructure modification since the 1-wire power cord switch (hot wire) of Lumi Vietnam is completely suitable for your present wall and electrical infrastructure. Fast construction time lasts only 1-2 days (regardless of new or old works).
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