The First Smart-Home Company Successfully Integrated Into Apple Ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem has proven to the world about its intelligence, superior utility and stability. With a hope to improve the quality of users' experience, the Lumi Vietnam team has spent a great deal of time and effort and finally, successfully integrated the Lumi smart home solution with the Apple Ecosystem.

Outstanding comfort when integrate Lumi’s products with the Apple ecosystem

1. Control Lumi smart home via Iphone, Ipad, Apple watch

Popular technology devices favored by billions of people around the world such as Iphone phones, Ipad tablets, Apple watch watches will help you control the house remotely. You will experience great utilities such as:

- Turn on the heater at home while at work over the phone
- Turn off the lights in the house before going out with a smart watch
- Be able to open the air conditioner, or water the garden without moving while still watching Ipad.

tich hợp hệ sinh thái apple

2. Control devices in your house by voice via Siri

Convenient to do a lot of things simultaneously thanks to voice commands for Siri:

- Cook rice and order Siri to water the garden or open the door when a guest at the same time.
- Command Siri to turn on the heater or play your favorite music while wiping the house.
- Tell Siri to control devices at home while driving. With Siri, the control of the house becomes convenient for the elderly in daily life, safe for children as they do not contact electrical appliances directly.

lumi tích hợp hệ sinh thái apple

3. Connect to Apple TV, Apple Homepod

When you have Apple TV or HomePod integrated with Lumi smart home solution, the automatic feature will be activated:

- When you leave home, all the lights and equipment will automatically turn off
- During the absence time frame but motion is detected, the phone of family members will receive a warning
- When you get home, the air conditioner and the lights turn on, the curtains open if you enter the room
- When going to sleep, Siri will say goodnight, turn off the lights, lock the door, play music playlist to stimulate a better sleep, and automatically turn off after a specified period of time.
- When you wake up, Siri automatically updates the weather, play your favorite music playlist, turn on the light, unlock the door, ....

lumi tích hợp hệ sinh thái apple

Affirm the pioneer in the field of smart home

This is not the first time Lumi has proven to be worth being a leader in integration with the world's leading technology firms. Earlier, in May 2019, the smart home Lumi was officially granted the first Work with Google Assistant certificate by Google in Vietnam.

By continuously pioneering in integration with Apply ecosystem, Lumi has marked its position when it comes to research and development of smart home products in Vietnam market, bringing a superior experience for customers.



Lumi Smart Home - International quality

Within the country, Lumi has expanded across 63 provinces and cities with 135 agents and the company has also taken the first steps to affirm its name in the international market.

Lumi has achieved the European CE standard certificate, exported products to many countries in the world such as India, Brazil, Lebanon, Israel, Laos, Cambodia ...

In particular, Lumi has also achieved RoHS certification based on European Union standards, ensuring health safety and environmental friendliness.

In a nutshell, Lumi is not only the pride of the founding team but also the national pride in the context of the 4.0 industrial revolution. Lumi smart home is researched, developed, manufactured in Vietnam, by Vietnamese people. With Lumi's new feature integrated into Apple Home Kit system, this is undoubtedly a new breakthrough in Vietnam's smart home development technology.

09:22 09/03/2020
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